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Future Worlds Center (legally registered as Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute) is a non-profit, non-governmental, independent organization, active in implementing projects with a future orientation, whose aim is to bring about positive social change and to encourage social entrepreneurship.

Future Worlds Center (FWC) was established in 1991 and has currently 27 full time associates, 2 part-time staff and 3 interns working in its different projects. Through its young and dynamic structure, the organization ensures its links to the political, social, and business, environment in Cyprus, Europe, and internationally.

WC is an incubator of social entrepreneurs who envision, design, and implement projects that promote the culture of co-existence, human rights, and peace, using methods grounded in the latest methodologies, technologies, the science of dialogic design, and democratic dialogue. FWC’s mission is to enable people to re-think and re-solve social challenges, both on the local and the European level. Its actions are positioned right at the edge of where social change can happen.

FWC’s projects are roughly clustered within four different units: New Media Lab: concentrates on the role of new media and technology in bridging the educational, economic, political and other gaps in society by facilitating learning. Future Designs Unit: envisions, designs, implements peace projects in Cyprus and world-wide. Humanitarian Affairs Unit: offers free legal and social advice to asylum seekers and recognized refugees and provides physiological support for victims of torture. Finally, the Global Education Unit: promotes and supports active global citizenship through local, European, and global initiatives.  Their work focuses on equipping youth and educators with knowledge, skills, tools and competencies to raise awareness about global issues. Through intercultural dialogue, discussion groups with youth and youth leaders from all communities in Cyprus and workshops with pupils on how to take action for change, the Unit supports the public in their active citizenship skills and in planning and implementing their own actions.

Future Worlds Center has been a pioneer in numerous projects, equipping youth leaders and educators, both within the formal and non-formal education system, with skills, knowledge and understanding, as well as with interactive and learner-centered methodologies that in turn empowered them build active global citizenship skills within young people.