Bulgaria | Mezhdunaroden Centar za Razvitie na Obrazovanieto – Obuchenieto
Contacts | icdetbg@gmail.com  |  http://www.icdetbg.eu | phone: +359 878 427 003
Contact Person | Ivan Tinev (president) – Ivan.tinev.it@gmail.com | phone: +359 878 427 003
Eva Yoneva (vice-president) – ewchityy19@gmail.com | phone: +359 895 75 56 70

International Center for Development of Education and Training (ICDET) is one of the most popular, powerful and active youth organizations in Bulgaria. It promotes the European values through local projects and participating in projects abroad. Our goal is to inspire and help youngsters for positive, social and economic changes, and dedicate our time to ensure the effective implementation of all these ideas. We are consistent in our organizational values: promoting non-formal education and training of young people through intercultural training and activities, the encouragement of the youth exchanges and volunteering at national, European and international level, development of consciousness of a European citizenship and identity. Our main aims are informing the youngsters about their opportunities and improving their skills and knowledge, in order for them to be well prepared for the job market. Also, to promote the personal development and citizenship, volunteering and youth mobility; to promote sport and a healthy lifestyle; to support the development of the abilities and potential of young people from different social and ethnic groups, and young people with disabilities- these aims are realized through our educational, recreational and cultural activities. We look into the mobilities in an innovative way and seek for a serious (but entertaining) way for the participants’ commitment to inherent principles of the Erasmus + Program. We have sent over 500 young people in numerous projects under the program “Erasmus +” all over the world. All of these projects are in the area of human and women rights, migration and refugees, violence, education, recycling, sport and healthy lifestyles, globalization and many other topics. ICDET works also on a new vocational education and training projects as a practice and practical training/work. The participating students in these projects have the chance to be part of an international mobility and obtain the necessary practical skills as well as experience in the area they are studying in. During our activity, we have implemented many projects with the participation of pupils of technical and vocational schools. We also had the pleasure of working with instructors and employees of local Training Centers for Teachers. In the past 3 years, ICDET has not only focused on the mobility of students, the association also has implemented many projects of strategic partnerships aimed at implementation of new educational solutions (for example e-learning) in the area of vocational training. ICDET engages itself in strategic projects that emphasize development and introduce significant changes in the of European Education Market. Currently ICDET is a partner for 8 trans-continental projects on various fundamental topics under KA 2, “Erasmus+”, and are also a successful applicant for one KA 2 project. As a result of our long-term partnership with Sofia Municipality, we were also a partner of a KA 3 project “BE PART OF EUROPE” which was held in Cagliari, Italy.

  • “Development of Capacities for Work with (I)Migrants” – Project under the Key Action 2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. With this project, the organizations involved, including ICDET aimed to develop the capacities of youth workers of Indonesian organizations. Some of the output from this project are intellectual outputs and training given to youth workers so they can be able to continue their mission in training other organizations and developing the work with migrants.

    guide: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/d46909_d38216c08a174add988adda890b85106.pdf
    website: https://www.migrationportal.eu/


  • “Sustainable Measures for Advanced Research and Training /S.M.A.R.T./” Project under the Key Action 2 Advanced Research and Training. It is a project that encourages taking steps against unemployment, through offering different innovative tools, actions, ideas and suggestions on how, when, where, and why should be done. It is a great solution in the fight against unemployment, at the same time a way or preserving national heritage, and a great alternative for bringing a good price on the labor market. The project is still at its beginning.
  • “Computer literacy for the new age”  – Project under the Key Action 2 Strategic partnership for adult education. The aim of the project is to enable adults to use computer and related technology efficiently covering different levels of usage (from elementary use to more advanced ones). After the implementation of this project, there will be a significant improvement in their thinking skills and employability. The project is still at its beginning.