Global Education | Portugal

GE Definition Portugal has been working on Development Education (DE) for over 30 years, mostly under the efforts of a network of NGO’s, which also frequently operate in the area of development cooperation. On March 23rd, 1985, the Portuguese NGDO’s (Non-Governmental Development Organizations) Platform was officially created (, by a group of 13 non-governmental organizations, […]

Global Education | Italy

GE Definition In recent years we were fighting with the definition and what actually we understand talking about Global Education. In Italy we generally translate this term with 3 main practices: intercultura, global citizenship and active citizenship or civic education. If we generally mean the concept of Global Education as “education for global citizenship” we […]

Global Education | Cyprus

GE Definition Since the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus, Global Education has been dynamic as an educational concept. Global Education has evolved parallel to the island’s political and socioeconomic development, and reflecting different movements nationally, in the region and internationally. In the Strategic Plan for 2018-2020, Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) describes its […]

Global Education | Bulgaria

GE Definition The key actors in the Global Education in Bulgaria include the Ministry of Education and Science and the Bulgarian Union of Teachers. Close co-operation between these key organizations through the organization of the recent Global Education Seminar for Secondary School Teachers is considered a good basis for future cooperation. The Ministry of Education […]

Project’s ensuing results

The project through enhancing Youth workers (educators in general) skills and performance on GE, wants to promote – in particular through innovative integrated approaches – inclusion, diversity, equality, gender-balance and non-discrimination in youth activities; especially foster the development of social, civic, intercultural competences, media literacy and critical thinking, also combating discrimination, segregation, racism, bullying and […]

Role of partners and team of the project

ICSE&co. is the coordinator of the project and promoted the activities, evaluating, monitoring and managing them according to the past experiences in coordinating international cooperation. ICSE&Co., has a large experience in the field of researches and training projects and within the Erasmus + programme and experience in the education field. During the implementation, the organisation […]

General Info

General information on the project, its targets The cultural model of individualism characterizing the educational systems of many countries in the EU is based on the typical attitudes of individualistic and dominant culture, rather than on dialogue and cooperation, where the problems related to globalization and the awareness of current realities are not relevant with […]