Educazione globale: cosa intendiamo e come si può mettere in atto

L’educazione globale è una materia ancora dinamica e in evoluzione. Dagli anni ’60 viene proposta in ambito internazionale con l’obiettivo di promuovere una più ampia comprensione e condivisione di questioni mondiali legate all’impegno per il cambiamento e l’eliminazione della povertà e della disuguaglianza. In principio, l’incoraggiamento verso l’adozione di programmi di Educazione Globale è nata […]

National Global Education

The Italian main official source for Global Education is the AICS (Agenzia Italiana per la cooperazione allo Sviluppo) a interministerial agency that promotes in Italy the main European and international decisions in the commitment to development. A customary confusion comes when talking about Global Education that creates a incorrect and direct connection between Global Education […]

World Wide Global Education

A common international definition for Global Education is yet in the process, still International Organisations, National institutions and non profit organisations more and more are trying to converge to shared concept of it. The first definition taken by the UNESCO source, Global Education creates a relation of interdependency between the person and the society. “Global […]

Why plastic? Green is Fantastic!

One of the biggest non-governmental organizations in Cyprus, Future Worlds Center, organised the neighborhood party ‘Why Plastic if G.I.F.?’ (Why plastic if Green Is Fantastic?) to celebrate greener lifestyle while combating the daily use of single-use plastic through sharing and gaining experiences. Information about the harm of plastic to the planet and our health is […]

“Youth of the World: Transformative Power of Global Education” – Staff Training Event

Can we act locally and effect globally? Can we talk globally and mean locally? – This was the question and the main aim of our project: Youth of the World: the transformative power of global education during Sofia’s training sessions. Global Education is not only referred to knowledge about key issues such as human rights […]

Global Education in Italy

If we generally mean the concept of Global Education as “education for global citizenship”, in Italy we are talking about “intercultural education”, intended as a reflection on the multicultural society, urged by the emergence of the migratory phenomenon and the increase of the foreign presence in schools. This definition is rather limiting and translates into […]

The fundamental practices that the education expert must develop in Global Education

In short, the fundamental practices that the education expert must develop in Global Education can be summarized as follows: – Define and understand the learning group: as in all forms of education, considering the situation and the background of the learning group is fundamental, in global education this is crucial. The age, the number of […]

How is Global Education promoted?

Strengthen global education: what knowledge and skills? As far as the knowledge to be transmitted is concerned, Global Education does not introduce new contents, rather it enriches the concepts and contents of the subjects and fields of education related to global development by extending its dimensions. It will be a question of deepening the knowledge […]