The third transnational meeting of the “Youth of the world” in Sofia, Bulgaria

The thirds transnational meeting of the project took place in Sofia, Bulgaria on 24 July 2018. The purpose of the meeting was to verify the training event and to update based on the results of the Staff training – the tool kit and the website. Moreover, it was the occasion to elaborate the format of the Local and final events and also the occasion to organize in detail the Blended Mobility C2.

In the first part of the meeting, ICSE & Co presented the General monitoring of the project which was including verification of the passed staff training, review of the two parts of the Tool Kit, information about the multiplier events and the workshops, the format of the final event and the preparation info of the Blended Mobility. Later, FWC presented the evaluation part of the project and USB presented the dissemination part.

In the second part of the meeting, Epralima presented some graphics about the web version of the Toolkit – some examples of covers for it. Partners also spoke about the gadget materials. At the end of the meeting, partners spoke about the organization of the Blended mobility in Florence, Italy in November 2018.


You can find here the minute of the meeting.

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