Role of partners and team of the project

ICSE&co. is the coordinator of the project and promoted the activities, evaluating, monitoring and managing them according to the past experiences in coordinating international cooperation. ICSE&Co., has a large experience in the field of researches and training projects and within the Erasmus + programme and experience in the education field. During the implementation, the organisation had the direct responsibility for the process of the creation of the Toolkit and website, as well as organising the Blended Mobility.

ICSE Team 

Aferdite Shani | | linkedin
She has a Master’s degree, International Relations and European studies at the University of Florence. She has several experience in the field of  development cooperation in Albania and Western Balkan. She is activist and participated as leader member of other associations for the relation between migrants and local community. Since 2013 she is currently dealing with intercultura in schools, socio – economic integration of migrants and promoting foreign DIASPORAs in Italy.


Elisabetta Meconcelli | | Linkedin
She is a graduate of International Relations and European Studies at the University of Florence, and has a Masters in European Project Design. She worked in different European and international projects, where she was also a trainer. She has several experiences of volunteering, she was scout leader for 5 years in the association Agesci, with young people (especially 15-21 years of age).


The Ministry of Education homologated EPRALIMA in 1999, as a private non-profit organization that provides vocational training, to youths and adults, at various European levels (level II, IV and V).

Epralima is composed of three branches: the head-office in Arcos de Valdevez, a branch in Ponte da Barca and a branch in Ponte de Lima; a Skills Assessment Centre which recognizes, validates and certifies skills giving individuals an opportunity to receive equivalency to grades, 4, 6, 9 and 12; a Technical Centre which elaborates transnational and communitarian projects.

EPRALIMA is in charge of the project’s dissemination and its dissemination plan. The school is considered an added-value in terms of dissemination due to its vast range of activities with youths and adults. In collaboration with ICSE&co, Epralima is creating the project’s website.

Epralima Team 

Daniel Dias | | Linkedin
Level IV course in Web-design and Programming and currently attending a Marketing and Business Communication Course at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo – School of Entrepreneurial Science.
Daniel is responsible for all Web and Graphic Designs at Epralima, in addition to participating and collaborating in various European projects.


Céu Branco |
Degree in Sociology and Post-graduate Course in Communitarian Policies and Territorial Cooperation from the University of Minho.  Céu is a Level III Technician at Epralima and is responsible for the elaboration and coordination of various European and international projects. She works part-time as an English Teacher and has participated in various regional and local activities as a youth animator.



Natália Fernandes |
Social Communication graduate from the University of Minho with experience in European and international projects.
Natália is a Communication Technician at Epralima and is responsible for the elaboration of informative articles for the regional press, article revision and the update of information on Epralima’s web pages.




United Societies of Balkans (U.S.B.) is a young organization based in Thessaloniki, Greece working in the field of youth, human rights and intercultural dialogue.

It was founded in 2008 by the inception of a group of active young people who wanted to address the social issues which affect the youngsters in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. The vision and aim is the promotion of youth empowerment, participation in the economic and political life, youth mobility, voluntarism and human rights.

As partner organisation in this project U.S.B contributed in all aspects of it as well as the creation of the Dissemination Strategy. USB was also in charge, among all partner duties, for the final event and to support the coordinator in managing issues.

United Societies of Balkans Team

Ioannis Tsilsou |
Finished his bachelor degree in the department of International and European Studies and now he is doing his master in European Policies on Youth, Education and Culture with a master thesis on «The Open Method of Coordination in European Youth Policies: Evaluation of its implementation so far and the challenges for the next multiannual EU Youth Strategy (2019-2027)».
Since 2012 he has been involved in various organizations as an activist and a member and took part in various Training Courses about intercultural dialogue, human rights and European policies. He has also done his internship in various institutions and NGOs related with Human Rights and Intercultural dialogue. He is Project Manager in United Societies of Balkans since January 2016.

Luiza Tsikala |

Has studied Balkan, Slavic and Oriental studies in University of Macedonia.
She has been a volunteer in various organizations since 2010 and has participated in many EU mobility programmes as a participant and facilitator.
She is currently working in United Societies of Balkans as Assistant Project Manager.





ICDET was in charge, among all partner duties, of the logistic organization and preparation of the C1 – the staff training. Also, ICDET is in charge for organizing the 3rd transnational meeting again in Sofia, Bulgaria in July 2018.ICDET is participating with all partners at the elaboration and creation of the toolkit, providing the requested information and data about the Global education in Bulgaria and also is performing a dissemination events, including evaluation activities, in the country.


Eva Yoneva | | Linkedin

Eva Yoneva is vice president of ICDET, head of the Project Management Department and main coordinator of the project for Bulgaria. She is finishing her master law degree in Sofia University. She works as a team assistant at the World Bank Sofia Country office and works as a youth worker in the youth sector for more than two years.



Desislava Dimcheva |

Desislava is a bachelor student in the field of European studies.
Currently exploring the field of European common policies regarding the migration and Human rights.
Part time she works as an english teacher.
Desislava is part of ICDET where she works in the HR department being mostly involved in the work of ICDET EVS volunteers.


Todor Kotev | | Linkedin

Todor is an enthusiastic young man, who has a lot of experience in over 8 Erasmus+ projects. He has also been an associate of ICDET for almost a year now. He works as a check-in agent at GoldAir Handling Bulgaria. He has a high school degree in chemistry and now he will start his first year in the university as a business student.



Nadezhda Traykova | | Linkedin

Nadya studies Business Administration, Journalism, Political science and international relations.
She is an experienced debater and her  interests revolve around international law, politics, business and media.
She is part of the ICDET Media team, helping organization with the articles, interviews and etc.



Development Perspectives is an independent Development Education non-governmental organisation (NGO) and registered charity (CHY18555). Development Perspectives is based in Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland but works with partners all over both Ireland and the world.

As a project partner in Youth of the World, we are actively involved in all aspects of the project including assistance with the description of activities in the toolkit.


Development Perspectives Team

Bobby McCormack |

Bobby Mc Cormack is the co-founder and Director of Development Perspectives and also works as a Senior Lecturer in Dundalk Institute of Technology. In 2017, Bobby was the recipient of the Dóchas, “Global Citizen of the Year”.
Bobby has produced 5 documentaries, is an avid Man United fan and loves Dogs.


Paul Crewe |

Paul Crewe has been involved as a programme coordinator with Development Perspectives since 2013. Paul’s role within Development Perspectives includes facilitation, project coordination and advocating on a national and global level.
Paul is a member of the Steering Committee of GLEN (Global Education Network of Young Europeans).

Future Worlds Center (legally registered as Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization active in implementing projects with a future orientation, whose aim is to bring about positive social change. Future Worlds Center has been a pioneer in numerous projects, equipping youth leaders and educators with skills, knowledge and interactive and learner-centered methodologies. Future Worlds Center is leading the monitoring and evaluation activities of this project, due to their expertise in international development and educational projects. Future Worlds Center has developed the Monitoring and Evaluation plan, under which entry and exit questionnaires have been created, aiming at improving the activities, as well as assessing the impact of the project.

Future Worlds Center Team

Dora Heracleous | | Linkedin

Dora Heracleous is a Project Officer in the Global Education Unit of Future Worlds Center and main coordinator of the project for Cyprus.
She is a Gender Specialist and non-formal educator.
Dora has extensively worked with youth and is an experienced trainer mostly facilitating workshops on education for a culture of peace across Cyprus.

Irena Kyprianidou | | Linkedin

Irena Kyprianidou is a member of Global Education Unit of Future Worlds Center since February 2018.
She is a project officer helping with the implementation of several co-founded by the European Union projects.
Her academic background is on Environmental Science.
Sustainable development and societal change are her main interests.



Eliza Danenfelde Kirpe | | Linkedin

Eliza Danenfelde Kirpe is Latvian working in Cyprus in Future Worlds Center.
One of her believe is that every change can be made if people start from themselves.
Her passion is awareness raising on topics like social inclusion, environment and others related to Sustainable Development Goals.
Eliza’s hobbies are everything related to art, video and graphic design, travelling and exploring the world and her abilities!


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